Armand King is an accomplished entrepreneur and the founder of the renowned nonprofit organization, Paving Great Futures, which was honored as the Nonprofit of the Year for the state of California in 2020 by Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber. Through Armand’s visionary leadership, Paving Great Futures has experienced remarkable growth, transitioning from a zero-budget operation to a multi-million dollar enterprise. Building upon his nonprofit expertise, Armand has extended his reach by establishing Lawrich Consulting LLC to empower others in achieving their own success. With over 20 years of experience in launching startup businesses, he is also a published author and highly sought-after international keynote speaker.

Armand’s dedication to community service is equally commendable. Over the past five years, he has focused on speaking engagements and training sessions for individuals, companies, and institutions, addressing critical issues such as gang prevention, drug awareness, and workforce development. Leveraging his personal background of growing up in poverty, facing homelessness, and navigating harmful activities, Armand has designed transformative programs that guide young people away from destructive paths. His latest initiative, Walk With Me Impact, offers a life-changing youth mentoring curriculum within an education-based business platform (

Furthermore, Armand has made significant contributions as a commissioner of the San Diego Gang Intervention and Prevention Commission and as a committee member of the San Diego Mayor’s Black Advisory Board, among other government boards and commissions. He has actively participated in various community building initiatives, including cannabis social equity programs, community revitalization efforts, youth development activities, and group organizing. Armand King’s unwavering positivity and expertise make him an invaluable ally for any cause or endeavor.