Fund Development

Establish a diverse and sustainable funding pool through state, city, and federal funding; corporate and private foundations; earned income; and individual donor management.

Individual Donors

Nonprofit and Corporation Capacity Building

Establish a diverse and sustainable funding pool through state, city, and federal funding; corporate and private foundations; earned income; and individual donor management.
Social Media Management
Manage and operate social media platforms. Create and produce original content and maintain communication with individuals and donors. Create and manage social media calendars. Create a following and establish a quality base of support. Platforms utilized; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter
Program Design, support & recruitment
Design and implement new and engaging programs to fit your organization needs. Support program maintenance needs. Instructor recruitment and retention. Recruit new participants and retain current and former participants.
Organization Development
Develop and sustain a fully operational infrastructure by assessing your current capacity and learning how to successfully shepherd your organization through the Five Non-Profit Developmental Stages.
Team & Board Development
Engage board members, as well as staff and volunteers, in institutional operations using coaching skills that will inspire and increase confidence, morale, and productivity.
Strategic Planning
Identify goals and strategies that will help you achieve your non-profit mission.

Community & Civic Engagement

As your business launches or grows within a particular community, it needs to be able to engage the people or entities in which it plans to thrive. Therefore having the right assistance to make this happen is highly important. We help you with:
Reaching and engaging with Black and Indigenous people of color (BIPOC) communities that have been traditionally marginalized and or impoverished.
Connecting with youth in and outside of the school system through programming and other outreach activities
Working with local community and political leaders and influencers to accomplish a goal.

Social Equity Program Design and Training:

I offer comprehensive services encompassing the design, development, and implementation of cannabis social equity programs for cities and counties. With expertise in participant recruitment and training, my services guide municipalities from start to finish, ensuring the establishment of fair and inclusive criteria for program eligibility. Through targeted outreach efforts, I engage marginalized communities and provide them with the necessary training and resources to succeed in the cannabis industry. By addressing historical disparities and fostering economic and social equity, my services empower participants to thrive in this emerging sector, creating a more inclusive and equitable cannabis landscape.

Trial Testimony & Consulting

Urban domestic human sex trafficking and gang related cases can be difficult to fight when you as an attorney do not have a background or upbringing in these lifestyles or situations. Which is why the advice of a lived experienced expert and credible messenger can prove to be extremely valuable to your case.
Court system navigation and advocacy training
I have over 1,000 hours working in the juvenile and adult State and Federal court system

Workforce Development & Placement

I have over 20 years working with criminal adverse populations through rehabilitation program design and implementation

Keynote Speaking & Training

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